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FIRE PREVENTION COMPLIANCE - Application Process for Local Commercial Units

The The Borough of Andover has entered into a Shared Service Agreement with the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office for the responsibilities of Fire Prevention. Commercial locations in Andover Borough will be inspected annually by the Office of the Fire Marshal & Fire Coordinators and that office will communicate directly with commercial property owners regarding inspection requirements and payment of fees. If you have any questions regarding inspections or registration please contact them directly at 973-579-0380  www.sussexcountysheriff.com
Please click here for application

SMOKE DETECTOR INSPECTION – Application Process for Residential Units

This inspection is required by Andover Borough and is done to make sure that the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. A new law also requires a fire extinguisher be installed in the kitchen. The fee for the inspection must be paid prior to the inspection. Please click here to download a copy of the application or call 973-786-6688 Ext 4 or email codeenforcement@andoverboroughnj.org.

When is this required?

Prior to selling a home or changing of tenants, a Certification of Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Compliance Inspection must be performed.

CONSTRUCTION PERMIT – Application Process

What is required to obtain a Construction Permit:

  • Two sets of plans (one will be returned to you)

  • Zoning Permit

  • Specifications / Calculations

  • Demolition Checklist

  • Copy of Home Improvement Contractor’s License

    All revisions to the original plans must be submitted to the Construction Office and must clearly identify all the revised elements of the plan. Revisions will increase the plan review time. Revisions to plan sheets previously submitted must be identified by clouding.

    When it is required:

    Building Permit:    Required whenever a building structure is erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, or demolished.
    Electrical Permit:   Required for all residential and commercial interior and exterior electrical work.
    Plumbing Permit:   Required for all residential and commercial interior and exterior piping. This includes all new construction as well as repair or replacement of fixtures and/or piping
    Demolition Permit: Required for demolition of any structure.

    Construction Permit Application and Forms:

    Permit application forms may be found at the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs website. Permit application forms may also be obtained in the Construction Office of the Andover Borough Municipal Office during their open hours.

    Construction Responsibilities:

    The Construction Department is responsible for issuing all permits required for Construction, Additions, Alterations, Renovations, Demolitions of buildings.

    Construction Permit Inspections:

    Inspections may be scheduled by emailing the permit control officer at clerk@andoverboroughnj.org. Please provide the permit number, address, and type of inspection needed in your correspondence and we will respond accordingly. You may also call 973-786-6688 x 1 to leave a message. Inspectors are available by appointment only and require at minimum 48 hours’ notice.

    Construction Permit Status:

    Please contact the Construction Department by phone# 973-786-6688 Ext 1 or email: clerk@andoverboroughnj.org with your block and lot number.

    Residential Pool Requirements:

    Please read the following important information regarding the installation of residential swimming pools (including the temporary small sold at retailers throughout our area). We understand that as summer approaches and households are looking for ways to enjoy the summer and provide recreational opportunities during the current public health emergency and “stay at home” order they may be considering the installation of a pool; however please note that all state and local zoning and construction regulations still apply.

    As a guideline for residential pools that require permits, please see the following:

  • Zoning permits are required for seasonal as well as permanently installed pools.

  • Any pool capable of holding 24″ of water requires a permit under the UCC (Uniform Construction Code)

  • Any pool with less than 48″ high sidewalls require some other type of compliant barrier; fence, self-closing, latching gates and ladders etc.

  • Electrical requirements for temporary and permanent pools must be strictly adhered to. Permit required.

The applicable codes are found at https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/document/1536, which include the International Swimming Pool Code and International Residential Code.